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How to generate Random Decimal Numbers between 0 and 1

Sometimes you need a list of unique decimal numbers between 01 and 1 just to try some functions or some features in Excel. There is a very useful Function called RAND. I’ll show you immediately how it works:

Suppose you want to fill this table with random sales between 0 and 1. Start by highlighting all the cells you want to fill.


Type equal RAND with a pair of parenthesis. And CTRL+enter. Look at the results.

These cells will be changing every time we do something in Excel, so it would be better to paste them as values. Highlight them and with right-click drag them a bit  to the right and then to the left. From menu select paste them as values.

Okay.So you have different ways to fill a range with random numbers

Thank you very much and waiting for your questions.

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Last modified onFriday, 26 August 2016 15:28
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