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How to create a Tornado Chart in Excel - Ideal for Showing Financial Analysis

Tornado charts are a version of bar charts used by decision makers to show a financial analysis for a project. Let’s get started:

In this worksheet we have a data table with the number of toys sold on January, the average price and the average cost per toy. Also we have three columns, the data ranges high to low and the base value which shows average expected values. All the above information is transformed into the data table that you see.

Let’s suppose that a company wants to evaluate the uncertainties that contribute to their products for the next match.

The first step is to select the data, excluding the Base column. Then go to Insert Tab and choose a clustered bar.

Now right-click on the horizontal axis and choose Format Axis. From Axis Options type into the minimum box, the smallest number of our data table, which is 5. Type into the maximum box, the largest number of our data table, which is 39. Finally, from vertical axis crosses options, insert into the axis value the number 20, which is the average of base.

The last step is without closing the window, click on any of the bars, which should bring the Series Options pane. Adjust the slider Series Overlap & Gap Width accordingly and your Tornado Chart is ready!

Thank you very much and waiting for your questions.

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Last modified onSunday, 28 February 2016 15:03
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