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3 Tips for better looking charts in Excel

As an Excel teacher for 17 years, I always try to teach to my students some Excel tips&tricks to make their work faster and more efficient. Every 2 weeks I decided to send you some tips in Excel (2013 and 2016 versions), and not only in charts. I hope you'll find some of them helpful....

3 Tips for better looking charts in Excel

TIP 1: Remove Noise From Your Chart's Background

When I say noise, I mean gridlines. Gridlines is for me a distraction from the essential stuff. To remove gridlines, select one of these in your chart, press CTRL+1 to open the formatting dialog box and then choose No Line from Major Gridline Options

TIP 2: Move The Legend

Excel by default positions the legend to the right of a chart. In most cases it's better to move the legend to the bottom. If you have only one data series, remove the legend from the chart.


TIP 3: Sort Your Data Before Charting

It's easier for an Excel user to read a chart, if the data are sorted, especially if you are presenting revenue or time. So sort first your data in descending or ascending order and then create your chart. I prefer descending order because it's better to put the most significant data first.


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