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How to distribute your dashboard

Hi, this is Andreas and in this article we are going to learn the steps distributing your dashboard...

Here you can see a ready dashboard.


The first step is to check the spelling and grammar of the workbook. How do we do that? Go to Review Tab and click on Spelling Button. When you finish, a new message appears says that spell check complete.

The next step is to check your dashboard again with clear mind. Does your report give answers to what we need? Does your charts are correct without useless elements?

If you have to print your dashboard and the reports, it’s better to print it in PDF file. In Excel this is very easy. Simply go to File , Save as and choose the .pdf file.

If you want to email your dashboard, it’s better to protect the excel file with a password. In a later lecture, we will exactly how do we do that.

Finally, if you want to publish your dashboard, you can do easily by storing your workbook in the cloud using the excel web app and specifically the Microsoft One Drive. One drive is free and has enough space to store hundreds of Excel files. I’ll explain in detail how to share our excel report by embedding them in a web page using Excel Web App, in the next lectures.


Thank you very much and waiting for your questions.

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