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Instructor Biography

Andreas Exadaktylos ,

Teacher, Expert Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur

 Hi, I am Andreas and I'm a teacher. I really love learning and teaching whenever i can.

I have over 16 years of experience in teaching as an instructor. I have my own computer learning school, called Futurekids, from 2001 to now.

I am the founder of Mellon Training, an online video tutorials learning school.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science and a Degree in Electronic Engineering.

I always wanted to create my own business. Being your own boss is an incredibly liberating experience but difficult as well.

I have a passion for software products that make people's lives easier. I love to create websites and optimizing them with Search Engine optimization techniques.

I created my online e-shop, called Bite me not jewels, with my wife.

I live in Rodos, a beautiful Greek island. When i am not working, i love being with my family and my two kids. Travel, forex trading and reading books are my favorite hobbies

Mellon Training is a place to learn through online courses, Udemy courses, videos, articles, and books.

It is an online courses learning school to learn new creative skills and get paid from it.

My Udemy Courses:

1.Excel Dashboards Masterclass

2.Excel Power Pivot & Business Intelligence Masterclass

3.Excel Macros Mastery & Excel VBA for Beginners

4.Top 100 Excel Hacks with Excel 2016

5.Excel Advanced Charts Complete Course

6.Python Programming for Beginners - Learn Python in One Day

7.The Complete Gmail Course - 25 Gmail Strategies & Hacks